The Best Things to Buy at a Military Surplus Store

Military surplus stores aren’t just places for those seeking out camo pants and combat boots. You can actually find a lot of classic pieces your wardrobe’s been lacking—all for insanely low prices. Here are some items that will get your look to a military-grade level.

M-65 Field Jacket

Why You Should Wear It: Halfway between a shirt and jacket, the M-65 field jacket isn’t just a great layering piece, but it looks great on everyone.

How to Wear It: Over a shirt and tie, over a t-shirt, or over your thermal shirt.

Camo T-shirt

Why You Should Wear It: Because they’re more attractive than the white tee.

How to Wear It: With basically anything. Seriously, it’s really that simple. And at this price, you can afford to pick up several.

MA-1 Flight Jacket

Why You Should Wear It: They’ve been in style since WWII, though they’ve never looked better than with a pair of camouflage pants and military combat boots.

How to Wear It: With camoflauge pants, military combat boots, and a solid military t-shirt. So, come winter change out the sneakers for some 6″ boots.

Cotton Web Belt

Why You Should Wear It: One of the simplest ways to add military-inspired flavor to an otherwise civilian look.

How to Wear It: Also with cargo pants or shorts, but probably not a suit.


Why You Should Wear It: Every brand on the face of the earth also makes a peacoat these days. Why not go to the source for one that’s military-grade and one of the least expensive versions on the market?

How to Wear It: Mainly a navy – watch cap, cargo pants, and hi-gloss corfam shoes or standard dress shoe.

So, if you want to buy high quality products, then shop from us now.

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