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I am sure you all know what Dog Tags are, right? But, I am also sure that the majority of you don’t have any idea about its history and how the term got coined in a way that it is still in the air and most of us are just guessing the outcome (not taking into consideration the service personnel). Let me take the lead of the story here and tell you some interesting facts surrounded by a little history.

Dog Tags are those flat metal hanging on a chain with written information, used by Military personnel for them to be identified on the battlefield. If you have any idea how beneficial the tags are for soldiers, you won’t have a single doubt about their existence, I will try to justify their importance from different perspectives.

For the government to know how many soldiers died in the war:

War, this word plays an important role in History. Wars have changed the course of humanity in unimaginable ways. Imagine how many soldiers died in World War 1 & 2, or just imagine the number of casualties in any war. How would you know the number of dead ones if you can’t locate the body? The type of war machines we have developed can wipe out a small village in the snap of a second. What would it do to a human body? Simply wiping the existence of body, it would also make a crater there, like tanks, missiles, and RPG’s. Even if the body is destroyed without a single trace of existence, the metal would survive. The government counts those tags to establish an approximate figure for the total number of casualties.

Situations where Dog Tags could act as a life-saver:

No matter how garrulous we become, when the situation arrives even the smallest thing could act as the lifesaver in life & death situations. Let’s be more practical! Imagine you are injured badly in a war and losing consciousness rapidly, can’t speak because you are too dozed out, cause of that grenade. The only thing that could talk on your behalf is your Dog Tag. The government used basic information of an individual to act as a form of identification in these situations. Like Blood Group, Name, Unit, Country, etc. Dog Tags act is a must in life-saving-essentials for Marines deployed in Afghanistan or other middle eastern countries.

A little about its History

William Randolph Hearst In 1936, wanting to enquire support for President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s new deal, found out that the recently formed Social Security Administration is planning to assign nameplates to soldiers. This was the first time when Hearst introduced us to the term Dog Tags.

Today, Dog tgas have become a part of trending fashion among rappers and celebrities. Dog tags when invented were only used for their purpose. If you want me to discuss the further use of Dog Tags I might not make any sense if not assigned its purpose. But Dog tags have many uses. In the long run, Dog tags have successfully impacted various fashion and social environments as a useful item. As an accessory for models in photography. As a life savior for soldiers but, I think it can also act the same for a normal person, as in life it’s all about your presence and time. Being present at the wrong place at the wrong time could even put you in the need of a dog tag, to be saved. Well., I was just trying to broaden the perspective to measure the usefulness of this item. And don’t forget, that in rarest of the rare chances, the Dog Tag could even save you from a bullet, about to go through your body or could save you from any of that damage, where your body was supposed to be pierced from something. If you think that I am taking things too far now, well, that is the way I write. Because, it doesn’t matter how practical something sounds or not, when the time comes everything proves its utility. And we make all types of Dog Tags. Whether you want it for your dog (because he runs away with people often, not literally, but forgets for a while that he belongs, lol) or for your kid because he thinks it’s cool. As I said there are many uses of Dog Tags, one could also be for medical purposes. For example, it’s really hard for a person suffering from any type illness to be safe all the time (anyone could have a panic attack in public), when such people go out, there is a high chance of them not being able to help themselves when needed, that’s why usually they always travel with someone (in chronic cases). If I talk from the perspective of the person suffering then there are two scenarios. If wearing a Dog Tag with all his information imprinted, could get possible help by someone. Over time, we have also improvised the structure and designing of Dog Tags by not keeping it limited to only holding information in 2D format. There are Dog Tags that could hold your entire life in a chip embedded. Instead of a simple tag, a box-like structure in which you could also keep your medicines or a small chip having all your online and offline information, revealing who you are? What do you do? And of course the relevant contact for help.

Contact us to get customized Military Dog Tags. We have expertise in making Dog Tags, we are always ready to work on your needs and provide you what you wanted. Thank you all for reaching the end of the article, Have a nice day! And do check our other blogs for relevant information.

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